July 2023

July 13-14
Vital Organ Dynamics

16 CEs
Instructor: Kalpesh Patel
Investment: $300 Early Bird Tuition – register by 6/13/23; $350 Regular Tuition
Prerequisite: Any Ortho-Bionomy class

This class will have several objectives –

  • Understand how internal organs relate to musculoskeletal movement.
  • Understand how visceral anatomy and movement contribute to core integrity.
  • Understand how gravitational force and breath move through the structure (Yin & Yang Meridians)
  • Learn a system of self-care techniques that combine elements of positional release, Qigong, and traditional health practices from Chinese Martial Arts, which can give us to better proprioceptive awareness of our organs and help resolve musculoskeletal restrictions.

We will cover all the primary Meridians and how they relate to organ anatomy. The use of standard OB techniques will be combined with Meridians for evaluation and treatment. We will explore visceral anatomy and fascial tissue properties as they relate to balanced and unbalanced forces in static postures, common movements, and daily activities. The self-care system includes visceral positional releases used in Taoist martial arts training, visceral proprioception exercises, breath-work and gentle exercises that integrate force transfer through the structure. We will look at the specific steps for progressing through the self-care, from addressing severe restrictions to enhancing athletic capacity.

July 15-16
Assessment & Application Strategies for Ortho-Bionomy

16 CEs
Instructor: Kalpesh Patel
Investment: $300 Early Bird Tuition – register by 6/15/23; $350 Regular Tuition
Prerequisite: Ortho-Bionomy Phase 4 or Exploration of Movement

This class presents methods of analysis and practical tools for addressing a variety of musculoskeletal complaints, especially chronic or recurring symptoms.

We will look at how to use the techniques from the Phase 4 and Exploration of Movement classes in a strategic way to
1. Evaluate conditions using specific interview/intake methods, visual assessment & movement tests
2. Narrow down possible causes and exacerbating factors
3. Release and reorganize myofascial & joint restrictions
4. Re-evaluate and progress through a plan of care

This class will also include a review of the Ortho- Bionomy Principles & Fundamental Toolset. We will explore how Ortho-Bionomy Principles can relate to everyday wellness ideas & standard medical practices.

Kalpesh Patel is an Ortho-bionomy Instructor with 20 years of clinical practice experience at the University of Florida’s physical therapy department and has been teaching since 2011.

September 2023

September 15
Self Care for Resilience and Ease

8 CEs
Instructor: Jessica Mark
Investment: $150 Early Bird Tuition – register by 8/15/23; $175 Regular Tuition
Prerequisite: None

As bodyworkers, our self care can easily drop to the bottom of the priority list. We can often feel burn out, overwhelm, and/or resentment creep in when we least expect it. Our capacity for sustainability in our lives and within our career can be enhanced by understanding our relationship to our autonomic nervous system. Practices to help bring awareness and understanding to your unique nervous system to work toward increased vitality and ease will be the focus of this class.

Through the principles of Ortho-Bionomy, we will learn how to recognize and engage the resources within our own bodies using safe, comfortable positioning and gentle movement exercises. This class is excellent for anyone wishing to relieve pain, gain adaptability, and increase ease of movement in the body.

Objective of this course include:

  • Learning options for restorative practices and breath awareness exercises to tone and support the parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Exploring Ortho-Bionomy self care techniques to listen for the body’s natural self-corrective response.

  • Understanding the anatomy of stress in relation to our enteric nervous system, vagus nerve, and adaptability  of our autonomic nervous system.

  • Identifying how stress inhabits in the body, ways stress can metabolize, and how ease is sensed physiologically.

  • Exploring techniques to provide options for movement and choice through the fluid system, support structural integrity and boundaries through the skeletal system, and cultivate space through awareness of energetic relationships.

  • Understanding the physiology of how the systems of our body work together to store and release energy.

September 16-17
Foundational Class: Phase 4 – Structural Releases for the Spine

16 CEs
Instructor: Jessica Mark
Investment: $300 Early Bird Tuition – register by 8/16/23; $350 Regular Tuition
Prerequisite: None

This class covers the history, philosophy, principles, and methods of Ortho-Bionomy and provides an overview of the fundamental techniques for working with the spine, pelvis, and rib cage through a structural lens. Learn to feel and understand the body’s self-corrective reflexes through hands-on practical techniques. Discover gentle releases to achieve balance, increase range of motion, and support pain relief. This is an excellent class for beginners to this work.

Jessica has been involved in the movement, fitness, and wellness field for over twenty years. Her greatest love is working with and learning from the body. She is an Ortho-Bionomy® Advanced Instructor, Advanced Ortho-Bionomy® Practitioner and certified Pilates instructor. She currently owns and operates two locations of Happy Body, a fitness and wellness studio in Asheville, NC. Through the Ortho-Bionomy in Asheville program, she trains and mentors students through an embodied and wholistic approach. Jessica complements her primary practices of Ortho-Bionomy and Pilates with studies in Polarity Therapy, Gyrokinesis®, Trauma Therapy, and Body-Mind Centering®. Her experience as a professional dancer has strengthened the connection of touch and movement to create an accessible and engaging style of teaching. Jessica is a happy mama to Sydney and Jonathan, and a sensationally lucky partner to husband, Rich.

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